Will power
Our will and habits are very powerful
It is often from the subconscious mind, suppressed feelings and ideas as well as what we trained (conditioned), generate “impulses”. Hence, we behave or act impulsively; it may not be wise or logical.
If we control the will and habits, without submitting to it, it generates power in our mind; we may call it will power. If we yield to habit and will, we are powerless and the will wins. We have to be detached deliberately.
We will become slave to habits and wills unless we control it.
It is said that our mind is like a battery; it can store and generate power in it.
Self c control and Discipline are the source for it. There are different ways to acquire this power.
Keeping the secrets creates control. Boasting and sensitive over reactions tend to decrease the will power. The Pacific Ocean is calm as it is deep and Atlantic is violent as it is shallow. Don’t allow any one to measure you. Don’t reveal others your weaknesses, you may show your strength, to expect sympathy is weakness. We have to be away from unnecessary doubts of inability. Belief is powerful. Our vision should be winning not failing.
If we start something we have to complete it, leaving half way incomplete, weakens the will.
Positive Disciplined efforts increases power; at the same time we may waste this energy storage by actions which cause apology and regret.
Our acts will not contradict our ideals and there should not be any conflict in the mind. Internal conflicts and disorder destroys a person like a nation. Conflicts may deplete the energy and create stress that leads to ill health. Presence of mind with an impersonal out look is mandatory for peace and courage.
The will power creates charisma and personal magnetism which will attract people to you and it will earn a commanding power also.
P.s. Our desire is like a horse, if we catch its tail it will kick back vigorously, so catch its rein to control .